How exactly to take care of Your Daughter’s Curly Hair – recommendations, tips & information

How exactly to take care of Your Daughter’s Curly Hair – recommendations, tips & information

Almost a year ago, certainly one of my friend’s daughter’s reached out to me personally about her daughter’s hair that is curly. We obviously don’t have any curly girls at our home (anymore) and I also offered up what items of advice i really could to her based off whenever Bee was a toddler and had some curls. We also put it on the market to your supporters on Facebook for any advice they may have. There have been countless of you that chimed in so we appreciate your entire words of advice and methods for simple tips to assist frizzy hair.

Years back, we assisted look after my cousin’s daughter (pictured above) who has got obviously wild hair. I learned much more about wild hair while we maintained her, than I’d whenever Bee had her child curls (pictured below.) I echo everything that our visitors said, so ideally this post will assist those of you with curls at your property!

Because there were many readers that advised comparable guidelines or items, I’ve been through all of the comments and condensed things a little. Therefore the Reader’s is got by you Digest version of the many responses. Nonetheless, if you’d like to learn most of the feedback, you are able to read the whole the FB post and reviews RIGHT HERE.


Praise your daughter’s hair that is curly inform her it’s gorgeous. By praising her hair whenever she’s young, that can help her to cultivate up loving her curls and embrace them as she gets older. Quite a few visitors commented which they myself, or individuals they knew, had parents whom reported about their curls, the knots, etc., and so they spent my youth hating their curls locks and wishing it had been right. In order rough as it can certainly be often with those curly girls, don’t complain about their curls. We want those girls that are young love their locks! Embrace those normal curls!


  • Never clean frizzy hair.
  • Only use wide tooth combs (or your hands), and comb curly hair whenever it really is wet.
  • Don’t work with a towel or hair dryer to dry frizzy hair – it damages it and results in frizz.
  • In the event that you must dry it with something, make use of a big T-shirt and merely pat it dry.
  • Have actually regular trims so that the ends stay also. It will help reduce tangles as the hair is also. (Someone suggested using Ouidad Stylists or Deva Curl Stylists since they’re taught to cut wild hair.)
  • Keep baby/toddler hair smaller or shoulder length before the child locks grows out plus it thickens up.
  • Don’t shampoo it each day. Some even contribute to the “no poo (shampoo)” method and just make use of conditioner.
  • Work with a leave-in conditioner and brush it through the locks w/a wide enamel brush after her shower or bath.
  • Utilize loads of conditioner – especially in the tips associated with locks.
  • Whenever product that is using gently put a few curls around your hands to create bigger ringlet-like curls out from the smaller people.


simply a reminder, listed below are services and products our readers which have wild hair, or daughter’s with curls use. We physically haven’t tried them, since my girls clearly have actually right locks now! once you learn of others that really work wonderfully, please comment and tell us for them to be included with record!

The book Curly Girl: The Handbook ended up being brought up by some of our readers also it provides many tips and tricks for frizzy hair. To get or view more about Curly Girl: The Handbook, just click here.

Another item that ended up being mentioned, is Fairy Tales Detangling Spray . I’ve heard good stuff about Fairy stories services and products through the years, plus it’s awesome there is also a detangler. To purchase Fairy Tales Static Complimentary Detangling Spray, click on this link.

Another detangler spray I’ve heard absolutely absolutely nothing but fabulous reviews about is one put out by way of a other locks writer, Sweet Hearts Hair Design. We don’t believe it is available chinalovecupid reviews on Amazon, but I think she vessels anywhere. To learn more about her Detangling Spray get RIGHT HERE.

As ended up being stated earlier, wide enamel combs are really a must-have when dealing with wild hair. I do believe these are generally an absolute must have even yet in right locks. My girls utilize our Babes in Hairland combs on a regular basis. They even in the shower to comb the conditioner through their locks. Unfortunately, we have only a small number of them, therefore if you’d like one inform me!


It is possible to grab wide enamel combs more or less anywhere – perhaps the buck shop, when you don’t get one, get one today!

Another device which was mentioned was The brush that is wet. The Brush that is wet Pro Hair Brush has 5000+ reviews with a general rating of 4.5 movie stars, which means you understand it must be amazing! To shop for or learn more about The damp Brush, click HERE. But remember, don’t brush dry hair that is curly. This is often utilized carefully just on damp locks.

Yet another thing a reader mentioned was getting a silk pillowcase. I am aware it works wonders for the hair and epidermis, along with curls having a silk pillowcase cuts down on frizz. We don’t understand that all silk pillowcases are manufactured equal, but THIS Silk Pillowcase has almost 900 reviews and it has 4.5 movie stars, so that it seems like a great one. It comes down in a complete great deal of various colors also.


  • Through the night, it is beneficial to place wild hair into several braids. This decreases greatly on tangles throughout the and makes the morning hair routine easier night.
  • Hairstyles that divide the hair into little ponytails and/or braids often helps keep curls included.
  • Many any hairstyle can be achieved with curls, you need to be mild!

Let me reveal a precious Simple design with wild hair on another cousin’s child who’s got hair that is naturally curly. And make certain to see all our other hairstyles with curls. Clearly a lot of the curls we created had been hair that is using, some are from the time Bee had been a child and her curls remained around!

Develop some of these recommendations, tricks, and services and products will help you as you make use of those breathtaking curls at your home! Make sure you comment and tell us your suggestions which can be included with our post!

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