Almost all of all of our computers are published in online website like for example. Complimentary Technical Thrift Store

Almost all of all of our computers are published in online website like for example. Complimentary Technical Thrift Store

Latest Thrift Stock process


All of us continue to consistently upload a lot of treatments to website.

After all this, a few of the production would be offered mostly within thrift shop as we dont have sufficient methods to write things to our website. Case in point, computer devices (processors, memories, hard disks, motherboards, development poster, covers etcetera) are going to be generally in store equipment. We’ll upload some audio what to Audio part of web shop, but some are limited within thrift shop.


People necessary to wear a masks (no exceptions). Be sure to, always keep a secure point from other customers.

Parkland in back (as usual). The doorway might be secured. There certainly is a wagon with a toll above – band the toll and an intake person will allow you to in. I will be reducing the quantity of people inside the store – whenever we get to the secure restrict people around, we are going to ask someone outside to hang around until people departs the store.

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If you want a pre-owned computers, come notice united states within absolutely free nerd Thrift Store!

All of our thrift stock is home to many employed computer, tracks, match techniques, projectors, and cable connections which need brand new home! We pride ourselves on low-cost refurbished units and we wish that you’ll getting pleased whether you’re wanting a new laptop computer or just a small number of connections.

Absolutely Free Geek TC E-mail Lists

Want to know what just was available in regular recently at absolutely free nerd? We have e-mail lists available to assist you stay updated on our stock every Saturday.

We are going to upload the standards and a photo of newer and exciting things that break through outdoors. Join our personal mailing lists nowadays!

Shop FAQs

Have you got (insert product in this article) available?

Various products are you can purchase at our personal web shop. Some goods (technology areas, some cabling etc.) are simply accessible in-store. For in-store best merchandise, please check out our very own shop or discuss with the volunteers on dissension network for variety.

How can you put something on hold and so I could purchase it afterwards?

We don’t put things that haven’t been purchased but for any reason. We can put huge ordered merchandise for a very short time to permit users to prepare for transport.

Should the shop would trading?

Sorry, most of us dont perform any positions of gear or hardware.

Would you acknowledge a lowered price tag for something bought in-store or online?No, we do not bargain on presented pricing.

Warranty / Results

Absolutely free technical dual spots will usually make sure to allow correct any problems with respect to problems and various challenges not hracu seznamovacГ­ aplikace just in the wrong regarding the visitors within 1 month of purchase. However, complimentary Geek double places doesn’t promote going back rules on any stuff, and any yield is going to be possibly exchanged with an equivalent solution or, in extreme situations, constructed to Store financing. All profits is highly recommended final.

Discord route for discussion and support

Totally free technical has actually a working group on Discord. Whether you have any questions on the products that complimentary technical carries or need to get an instant address with regards to the goods acquired from complimentary nerd thrift store, our very own discord route regarded quickest ways on your own answers. Keep to the after backlink to become a member of the route:

Treatments You Haul

This really a common report on those items all of us normally have available, but all of us as a result desire we might staying away at the moment. Call us if you’re finding something specific, or fall and offer you an outing.

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